Robo Spinner
Robo Spinner
Robo Spinner
Robo Spinner
Robo Spinner

Robo Spinner

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    With its sleek and futuristic design, the Robo Spinner sparks feelings of wonder and excitement. But it's not just about style – this spinner is built to last. Made from high-quality materials and featuring a solid construction, the Robo Spinner is designed to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. Get your Robo Spinner today and experience the joy of long-lasting play!


    1. Made of high-quality plastic material. Shock-proof design.
    2. Enjoy night flying with your friends! Advanced LED light technology.
    3. Very easy to use. Grab the spinner and flip it to start flying.
    4. Enclosed wheel design protects your hands while spinning it and performing tricks. 
    5. Quickly power it up in 15 mins with ultra-fast charge technology.


    Play time: 7-12mins
    Item type: Robo Spinner
    Material: Plastic
    Color: Black, blue, red, 3PCS/SET(optional)
    Battery capacity: 100mAh
    Charging time: 15mins

    Package list:
    1 * Robo Spinner
    1 * USB cable
    1 * Manual

    How to use

    Once your Robo Spinner is done charging, find an open space and turn the power button on. At this point you will see LED lights flashing. Then, give the Spinner a shake or manually spin it to activate. Once activated, angle the Spinner towards yourself and throw it 5-20 feet. It will take a few tries to get the angle right, but you will quickly get the hang of it!